Site Help: Nat Taylor

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does this site exist?

The primary reason is to make it easy to communicate, via email.  However to do that we needed at least a single page, so we launched an entire site!

How can I contribute?

Contributing is easy.  Basically you just need an account and then you can edit pages, kind of like Microsoft Word

  1. Go to the registration page at and create an account
  2. Once finished, you should be automatically logged in and brought to the homepage, where you should see a black bar at the top.
  3. To edit a page, navigate to the page you want to edit, then click the “Edit Page” button in the black bar.
  4. You can also contribute a “news” posting or new page with the “Add” link.

Is this site secure?  Why is there a password?

The site is quite secure.  The site uses “basic authentication for http.”  More on that here.  Basically that means we’re keeping out everyone but malicious hackers, and since there is nothing particularly sensitive here, we are OK with that.  The main goal is to keep the site out of search indexes, and this is method is reliable for that.  Our email addresses are also stored outside of in a system called mailman.  Mailman is a widely known and used system, so as long as everyone uses a good password, the information there is also quite secure.

What about malicious hackers?  That sounds bad.

“Basic authentication for http” sends passwords in plain text, so a malicious hacker could acquire the password via packet sniffing.  To accomplish packet sniffing, the hacker must have access to your network, which means that either you are on unprotected WIFI or the hacker has gained access to your network.

The chances of this are so low, that we are willing to accept the risk.  Even if someone is browsing the site on public wifi, the hacker would have to 1) know to sniff the packets and 2) know what to look for on the site.

Internet Explorer is warning me that this site isn’t secure.  What should I do?

This is related to sending passwords in plaintext, as described above.  You can safely ignore this warning.

How do I automatically post an email to the “News” section?

Just BCC on your email!  Please do not CC, as we don’t want replies to be posted.

How do I email the Haversham List?

There are several ways to email the list.

  1. The Button – The “Email List” button should open an email in your computer’s default editor, so you shouldn’t have to do anything special!
  2. The Text List – The text list is copy&paste-able for users who don’t have an email client installed, and instead use a solution like GMail
  3. The Alias – If you are having trouble, you can always email and your message will go out.

I’d like to see something else here

You can try adding things yourself, or shoot Nat a quick email!

Technical Questions

How does the “Email” section work?

We chose to keep all of the addresses on the “TO:” line, but in an effort to future-proof our emails and also to ease management, the email list is based on mailman and php-mailman.

The “subscribe” link pings a PHP file that executes a mailman->subscribe(“address”) method.

The administration section for the list is located at