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Timeline of Major Events

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  • 1902 – House built by Ellen Hammond Gladwin; She also built the others
  • 1927 – Harold Evans, Harvey Perry Sr. and  and cohorts purchase the 5 properties, which at the time are linked by wide open pastures as lawns
  • ~1930 – First dock built in front of Angel’s Rest
  • 1938 – Hurricane of 38 knocked out dock, boathouse, and grandma Evan’s bonito boat
  • 1939-1945 – Gap for WWII for gas rations; trips during this period include Grandma Evan’s rowing to Weekapaug for groceries and the use blackout curtains
  • 1954 – Hurricane of 54 wreaks havoc on the pond and the waterfront, and creating the breachway(/inlet.) The path of destruction included one of two Beetle Cats and the original boathouse, blowing the roof off in dramatic fashion.  The boats were named The Owl and The Kat, the latter of which had 3 sides of wooden seats and was sail number 1.  The first rebuild collapsed and was replaced by the current bathhouse.
  • 1977 – Harold Evan passes, leaving equal shares of the property to his six children.
  • 1986 – Hurricane Gloria in 86 blows through.  Jim and Annie came with a black and white TV and observed while the whole house was shaking.  The surge was enough for water to just trickle over the beach. Dock was under water with 6′ waves breaking on the shore. Wind blew water between the window gaps halfway across the room.
  • 1993 – Another Hurricane blows through, which Nancy was around for. They had to arrive by 6pm to beat the national guard, who was shutting down the roads.
  • 1987 – Taylor/Evans descendants hold the first of many “Work Weekends” to maintain the property
  • 2000 – The Evan’s Cottage LLC is established to preserve co-ownership of the property, as more and more shares are created as they move between generations.
  • 2001 – The front porch is reconstructed to eliminate the risk that rotting pillars could collapse and bring down the second floor.
  • 2013 – The pond-facing roof is reshingled after a series of winter storms blow off many aging shingles.  As far of the process the front facade of the boathouse and pieces of the ice chest room are also reshingled.


The pond’s ecology has changed drastically over time

  • Through the mid-1950s the pond was hot and unflushed, which changed when the inlet was dredged allowing for tidal flow.  At this time it was common to see Terns on Rocky Island and the pong was full of stinging jellyfish.
  • After the construction of the inlet, the pond got cooler and populations of eel grass, starfish, blowfish and eels increased.
  • Through the 1970s only softshell steamers could be found; The current day clam population is all Quahogs.
  • Over time the inlet has slowly been backfilling with sand, which seems to be making the pond fresher and also for the water level to rise.
  • Around the turn of the century increased populations have been observed of Blue Herons, Osprey, and Swans.  Horseshoe Crabs have always been present. Green Crab population peaked in the 1990s.


The Taylor/Evans have a rich history of boating

  • Kraken
  • Bonita – Destroyed in the Hurricane of ‘38
  • Owl
  • Kat – Destroyed in the Hurricane of ‘54
  • Sailfish – Built by hand by Madge (and others?)
  • Sunfish
  • Minifish