Nat’s Chat with the CRMC

What started as curiosity about CRMC (401-783-3370 M-F 8:30-4) policies turned into an approximately 30 minutes phone call with Nat and Tim Motte (,) the Quonnie permitting representative.  Overall Tim was extremely nice, quite chatty and very excited to hear that we were clued in to the well being of the pond.  Here’s what I learned:

  • Construction next door
    • Tim is well aware of the construction next door and is keeping close tabs on it.
    • They have already violated buffer zone once, which is why they have had to do fresh planting
    • He thought that the view corridors may have been cut a bit wide
    • He generally liked the landscaping, especially the use of native species
    • Favoring the construction of 2, rather than 3 houses, he has been in touch with a lawyer and sounds as though he intends to fight
    • He covertly indicated that he has been in touch with someone who is interested in buying all 3 properties.
  • Landscaping etc
    • Annual re-mowing is fine
    • He is most concerned about maintaining areas of low, interconnected bushes, as these are great habitat
    • He uses Google Earth to monitor clear cutting
    • He is very fond of the pond and likes seeing boathouses with lots of little boats
    • Overall time says the “established” families do an excellent job of maintenance
  • Pond Ecology
    • He is quite concerned about nitrogen from septic tanks
    • He recommended that we replace our septic with a newer, better system
  • Weekapaug Inn
    • He mentioned the Inn may now have an ecologist on staff and that they were likely hosting periodic brunches to discuss and learn about the pond’s ecology