Nat Taylor

Frozen Pond Pics

Frozen Pond Pics

Harvey sent over some frozen pictures of the pond! These photographs were taken from Haversham early last week. I sent them to our summer tenants saying that we don’t think the view will look like this in July and August, but at the moment we are not certain that it won’t. We can’t compete with Read the full article…

Work Weekend – Spring 2014

The beach illuminated close to Sunset

Thanks to all who made it! Accomplishments: Annual meeting (more on that soon) Floats were stained Floats launched Mooring launched with new buoy official looking buoy New mast step for the Owl Revarnished Owl spars Very complete mowing job Briarpatch on lawn near the driveway removed Newly painted “TV-Dinner” tables Repainting entrance oar Annual meeting Read the full article…

Time for Summer Plans

Send your summer schedule request to Nanna ( who will curate, and in the case of overlap email the involved family and try to remedy, then send out an tentative schedule after 30 days, around February 14th.

Nat’s Chat with the CRMC

What started as curiosity about CRMC (401-783-3370 M-F 8:30-4) policies turned into an approximately 30 minutes phone call with Nat and Tim Motte (,) the Quonnie permitting representative.  Overall Tim was extremely nice, quite chatty and very excited to hear that we were clued in to the well being of the pond.  Here’s what I learned: Read the full article…